The Outdoors Leisure

ChanNgarm Mountain View is distinctly located on ChanNgarm Mountain, bordering Khao Yai National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and within proximity of Lumtakong Dam (3 km away). From your room, you can view the vast forests of Khao Yai that spreads across the horizon. 

Or venture to Suriyan-Chantra Panorama, the highest point of the resort, where you can bath in the first light of the daybreak or the last light of sunset. Enjoy the night sky with soft moonlight that holds and caresses you. 


At ChomChan Square, you can gaze at the breath-taking mountain view and on a clear day witness the mountain ranges as fas as Lop Buri Province. Or savour the private romantic moment under the star-lit sky that will mesmerize your companion. 


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